May 03

I just got back from the NYC Small Business Expo -NyXpo


It was smaller than in years passed, I was advised.

I felt the businesses that had weathered the storm were on top and I was glad to meet them.


Three Four major things resounded:

1. Business have solid business plans and presentations.  They have come out of the storm knowing what their customers needed and jumped into it with both feet.

2. Everyone and their brothers are in the web design business.

–I think even NYC-Adopt-a-pet was offering website design (another reason to have a branding agency shopping them for you).

3. Social media, certain avenues (in detail below), was the vehicle in every seminar, one way or the other.  Even 90% of the topic is the one generally titled “Marketing and how to grow your business”.  I suggest you read more below.

4. Everyone drinks lots of coffee.


Among the exhibitors were energy companies, building managing agents, videographers, IT, HR, websites developers, design services, marketing services, SEO, Social Marketing, Radio, and tons of coffee distributors and the 5-hour energy stands. These all along with the normal presence of banks, newspapers, and chambers from all the boroughs, had different levels of work and I tried to talk to whomever looked like they could help me further my business and my client’s, and inspire others.

There were some bigger thinkers that have come up with some wonderful approaches to travel management, print mediums, and server IT options.

The businesses that would seem to do well here the ones delivering clear messages with focused service and product offerings.  I feel a trade show is a good way to understand your customer and their needs.  By the end of the show there is usually 1-3 things that people have requested throughout that event.  If you have never exhibited at a trade show, I would highly suggest you do.  The built-in focus group concept can tune your offerings, at given periods of time.


60% your own blogs and 40%Linked In.

After sitting in on a few seminars, I felt social media was the message, through 60% your own blogs and 40% LinkedIn.  Facebook, which we have experienced a little fall off, now is seen as substantially slipping in the market share compared to LinkedIn — for B to B.  Although, I still feel it is important and posts should possibly be duplicated both places in some instances.  But I’m consulting with my people and I’ll have a more definitive answer for you later on that.

I did run into a few exciting new mediums for Printing, Qr Code evolutions, server offerings and a video email system, which I found interesting.

One of the interesting new things I found:


So, thank you for listening. I hope it was informative for you.  I can elaborate on any of the above.  If anyone has questions or comments please comment below.


Michel Gunn,

Keeping you informed on your branding and marketing news.




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