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Keywords. The race to who says it best. Winner is awarded with the most customers.

How to Write Keyword-Rich Content


I found this article with tons of links and information on keyword-Rich content writing.   Enjoy and Call us if you need help with your keywords in all your copy.

By Misti Sandefur, eHow Contributor

Stand out from your competition by providing your clients with keyword-rich content that not only gives them results but shows them you know what your doing. You will learnhow to write keyword-rich content your clients will love. The result will be repeat business and possible word-of-mouth referrals.

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  1. Use free keyword researchtools (see Resources) to determine which keyword or keyword phrases you will need to use. If you’re writing for a client, most clients will provide you with the keywords and keyword phrases they want you to use.
  2. Include the main keyword or keyword phrase in the title.
  3. Use subheadings that include your keywords and keyword phrases.
  4. Place the keywords and keyword phrases throughout the content but not too often. The best way is to include them once in each paragraph.
  5. Use a free keyword density tool (see Resources) to check the keyword density. Keyword density should be anywhere from four to seven percent; anything more than seven percent is considered spam, or keyword “stuffing.”

Here is a KeyWord  Tool to determine what words are ranked higher… ( You may have to have a google.com account- sign up for free on if so)







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Tips & Warnings

  • For the best ranking results, keep the article or blog post as short as possible, preferably 500 words or less.

Read more: How to Write Keyword-Rich Content | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4495096_write-keywordrich-content.html#ixzz1wqBB7kbN


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