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A Secret Designers Don’t Tell You About Purchasing A Website Design

Here’s is what you need to know for purchasing a business website:

Ever have a graphic person, posing as a marketing agency, show you an amazing site and give you a mess?

You are not sure about marketing or you would be a marketer, but you know what’s looks like value and what does not. All you wanted was something you could grow with as a website, but instead, you are in a bind and thousands of dollars poorer. It is hard to find people you can trust today.

Now, you have to do the whole thing over again.

What if it happens again?

Well, here’s now you’re going to prevent this.  Let’s get some education on what is really needed for a website to grow your business, plus put your money into something effective.

Here is a secret many graphic designers won’t tell you:

 #1 Secret: Looks aren’t everything

Yes, you want to love the look of your site.  But as an owner, you are not the customer.  You know what you like, although, what your customers will react to might be completely different.  Leads and sales are not brought in with great looks.  This will only bring your family to the site when you tell them to go look at it.  You do want to have something that eventually is pleasing to the eye for the visitors to get a confidence that you know your stuff and do clean quality work.

What your site needs to be is a guide.  No one wants to be told you are greater than them as in seeing your credentials front and center.  They want to be understood as to their needs.  Your site needs to be a guide to showing them that your product or service is needed. It presents your business to visitors and welcomes them, showing them around and introducing them to points of interest in which they should know is available as a solution to their visit. As a tour guide, your website has the job of providing visitors with the right guidance to complete their objective and find the information they are seeking in addition to showing them what you would like them to see before they leave.

Will pretty hurt your business?

No, but having a beautiful design without getting results will. If you do not have a choice in beauty over function, stay with the getting results design. Winning design awards may be nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

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