Oct 10

Important Way to Find Out What Your Customer Wants

How to Find Out What Your Customer Wants –  What every successful business works on non-stop.

Why is it harder today to understand your customers?

Unfortunately, customers are far less loyal today, because of a few factors.  Firstly, the economic uncertainty of today’s environment weights in, as many lost in the previous downturn.  Social media and the ease of researching online, allow them to shop around.  Advertising from so many directions, mainly the internet, also confuses customers.  We know the best form of marketing is that which addresses specific customer needs. How do you walk a day in their lives to better understand what they are?

Try this:

Role Play.  Call your Law Firm and pretend you are a customer with a business dispute.  Check into your hospital as if you were a patient suffering from a specific issue.  Record phone conversations to find out most asked questions.

You should do this at least once if not twice a year.   This valuable information then should be used in focused marketing campaigns for real growth of your business.

Contact us if you’d like us to do your secret shopper work.  I hope this blog was helpful.

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