Oct 31
Scary halloween marketing

Is working until you drop a scary Halloween nightmare?

Is working until you drop a scary Halloween nightmare?  It is to me.

Successful businesses know that it is no longer a direct mailer or a rushed-advertisement-creation-when-the-phone- stops ringing marketing environment.

Think future.  Your accountant tells you to think ‘Cash Flow’.

Your marketing agency should be teaching you to think ‘Cash Flow’ and… ‘Lead Generation Systems’ -LGS’ I call them.

APPs and Online auto-selling systems are what you need to start exploring to keep up with the times.

Sell a seminar…sell the fact that you’ve figured out the best client-servicing internal office dynamics…  or sell that list of secrets that can’t be found from your competitors. These magnets attract and keep them coming until they are begging you to sell them the grand poobah of your services. (…And don’t worry about giving away secrets.  They’re already out there – more on this later.)

It’s about putting an auto-selling, un-manned system together..

Don’t be scared.  You have the knowledge to build an enticing system of marketing outreach.  We all do.  Talk to your marketing agency and find out what the heck I’m talking about.

The definition of a successful small business is one that has the clients dying to buy your services.  It that you?

I hope this helped you.  Let me know.

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