Mar 02

Reporting from Digital Marketer Conference – FB Messenger and COMMUNITY buyers club marketing builds

We just got back from the San Diego Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion 3-day concentrated Seminar. There were AMAZING results being reported on very easy-to-install marketing elements.

While Last year’s concept was ‘RELATIONSHIP’, this year, the overwhelming successful business NEW BRAND STRATEGY was ‘COMMUNITY’.

Throughout the 3 days, we underwent a thorough immersion into the implementation technique, which was two-prong: One is to concentrate on CONVERSATION building, and the other is to build a CLUB mentality.

CONVERSATION Marketing Programs set in FB messenger and in Live Video programs are registering real growth numbers. New FB messenger businesses were in attendance because of the demand of FB BOTS showing the explosion in this area. They were in infancy last year and we are happy to report that their predictions for growth were actualized. We are seeing this growth with the usage of live streaming video services (webinars – community engagement) such as Facebook Live, Zoom and Live Creative. Given these results, we can definitely say the programs have jumped from infancy to Toddler phase, and they are still in growth mode. ‘Amazon Prime’ buyer subscription-based communication type marketing was this year’s successfully trafficked ‘INFANT’ in the CLUB COMMUNITY category.

All great stuff that we will be adding to our already rolled-out website chat abilities, and more proven, strategic script-writing to keep moving with the ‘COMMUNITY’ concept for our valued clients. And all this will mean great benefits for you! Coming out of the conference, we have learned that while you could man your own client communication and marketing yourself, BOTs can help you streamline and increase efficiency. Our team is happy to assist you with BOT builds that you can integrate into your marketing.

Contact me to get started. Michel Gunn


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