Apr 23
How do I pick the right image?

The Power of a Happy Image and How to Incorporate Them into Your Advertising.

Good Monday Morning,

Today remember that “Growth comes from liberation.”  Liberation can be found from a new color in fashion, a new summer game, a vacation plan, or a new frappuccino at Starbucks… or some exhilarating images in your advertising.

When trying to reach people, understand that your goal is to deliver that which brings them some liberation.  Liberation comes from more than the standard images of comfort.  You want people to talk about you.  So, think of what action makes you want to share a story.  Then think of the image associated with it.  Those images can be like a ‘belly laugh’, a great vacation memory, or an accomplishment.  Anyway, you want to ultimately convey that your service or product will deliver this same feeling.  So, how does it do that?  Make the connection in copy and send it home with the image or even just a change in the color story.

For most of you, you’re advertising is already out, but don’t forget about your social ads or email marketing running the next month.  You can turn on a dime on these to captivate a targeted audience even with changes to your website banners. Upon review, if you’re not excited by what you’ve created, time to change them quick!  With these tools, you can react fast.

Okay, so here’s our picks of ‘images that liberate’. Use ones like these:

  • The 6 am sunrise – Make your day feel like this everyday.. with…___________.
  • The Accomplishment- The happy Mother having taken care of her family because she chose the right remodeling company.
  • The Belly Laugh (crowd- Because you’re so happy with your Weight loss plan even Joe is making you laugh.


Our Great Image Suggestions of the Month:  Enjoy.  Call us if you need help.

Late evening campfire at a beautiful Canadian chalet

Bouquet of daisy flowers near a window with curtain

Beautiful table full of cheese and meats in the garden at dusk


outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard

Portrait of a little boy having fun on the grass in park or garden. The boy is standing on hands. Sunny spring or summer evening.


Close up portrait of a beautiful young woman on the beach. Young caucasian female model on the sea shore.


Books and sunglasses on a beach


Cute male dog border collie. The dog black and white color pattern is posing fun leaning forward. Studio shooting on a white background


Belly laugh


Through the glass shot of a people working in an office

Ripple Water in swimming pool witn sun reflection

A little boy and little girl jumping off the dock into a beautiful mountain lake. Having fun on a summer vacation

Summer picnic and BBQ invitation flyer


Close up of a playful family enjoying the morning together


Man with tattoos and beard embracing his dog, staffordshire terrier, female animal 18 months old. Looking at camera and smiling.


Mother (20s) reading to daughter (2 years) with down syndrome.


goldfish jumping into a tank bigger


Three young men running into a lake and having fun together.


Bikers silhouette.


A little girl getting sprayed by a stream of water.



And you also should be remembering that even if you’re working on Winter or 2018, keep it LIBERATING.


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