Apr 25
How to break into big client

How To Land Your White Whales – # 1 Most Important Thing to Know.




Where do you hear the best news about a new product or service?

If you answered at the water cooler, then you’re right.  Exciting the right person, about a product or service, will get you heard.

You want the most influential people to hear your buzz so you can capitalize on it.

So, who is your contact at your desired client pursuit? Sometimes, it’s the one at the water cooler.

How do you make that happen?

For a moment, think of yourself as a business supply contractor. Sending the Sales people exciting new giveaways that they are itching to show their clients. starts the momentum. The point here is that the salesperson, in this case, is the much better point person to contact, than the office manager that does the ordering.  The salespeople will now go and ask the office manager to look into buying from you. So, get to the person that will most influence the need for you and your product and service in their company.



I hope this gets your noggin thinking.   Let me know.  I don’t want to write stuff you already know.





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