Apr 25
lunch and learn facebook marketing - How do I facebook Market?

Lunch and Learn Events


We have a project I’m working on and would like to present to you as one of my first lunch and learn candidates.
We are developing a program for realtors in which we are debuting in, as I already mentioned, lunch and learns.  It is about the powerful new tool of Facebook Messenger and how to save time gathering

information on your new customer’s needs.

Anyway, you’d be doing us a favor, which I’m sure you’d get a lot out of by having us in.  We are going to Hollihan and Lawrence, Coldwell, Ginnel and some other boutique agencies.
I wanted to start these seminars with an office and agent that understands the power of marketing, like yourself.

We are doing them on Fridays.  I bring lunch.  You just try to fill the room

It’s either Kyle or Julio that will be the speaker, depending on the day. If you like Kyle, as you’ve heard him before, I’ll see if I can get him on the day you’re available.
I have the following dates available in the month of May.
May 4th
May 11th
May 25th
What do you say?

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