Apr 27
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Purveyors of Social Media Truths – Are they really out to PROTECT you? Made Sure You Consider Where Their Hearts Really Lie

Let ‘s be realistic about all these people that are ‘Bringing you the REAL news or What Facebook or the other Internet data collection are really doing to you”.  Well, let’s talk about how these ‘insightful champions of our privacy’ are really doing with these videos and blogs.  They are making their money.  They are betting on getting millions of views …and you know why that is important to them? Having a huge following plus into an algorithm that Google and Facebook have that will display them more, plus then they get paid from revenues generated from businesses that ask them to display their ads on their videos and pages.

So, what is the right way to provide information with the delivered party’s intentions transparent,…. plus help you… but keep the lights on.

So the next time you hear a ‘Ranting consumer (probably actually a business)’, remember the source.  Think of what the underlying intention may be and make sure you hear them tell you it.  And if they don’t, I would weight whether they really are someone in which you should listen.

Marketing isn’t always the bad guy.  Remember the analogy.  We don’t want to hear about tampons, when we really want a fishing pool.  Knowing something about your wants isn’t always

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