Apr 30
Do I need to keep marketing my business when I'm already busy?

Do I have to market as hard when my company is doing well.

Marketing goes by the wayside when companies are doing well.

The importance of marketing when your company is doing well.

This is a good time to start Facebook Marketing.  When you have to budget to test prospects.




Why Do I Need To Continue With Marketing? I’m Already #1 and Too Busy To Market!

Whether we are talking about online marketing, print marketing, or any other form of sending your company message to the masses – you should always be in action. Having an abundance of leads means that you have the opportunity to select the best customers for your business. Instead of travelling across town for a clogged bathtub drain, you can work close to HQ and complete a new water heater installation.

Aside from picking-and-choosing your clients, part of marketing is about maintaining your position. Whether it is your top-of-mind awareness within the community or your keeping your position at the top of Search Engine Results Pages, maintaining your marketing on a regular schedule is the best way to keep your competitive edge. If you are #1 in your market, that means you have a long list of competitors trying to usurp your spot – and if they are actively coming for you, you can be dethroned and have a harder climb back to the top.



Build Your Simple Marketing Routines

Not every marketing task needs to be treated as a chore, but regularly scheduling your marketing activities into a simple routine helps to make your marketing feel less painful. The more accustomed to your routine you become, the more efficient your operations.

Sample Routine – Building Your Site / Social Media Presence When You Are Too Busy To Market

  • Select one “target” job each week – one job that you know will yield some good pictures. (5 minutes)
  • At the end of said job, take 5 “finished product” pictures on your smartphone. (5 minutes)
  • After leaving your invoice and promotional materials, get back into your work vehicle and drive down the road. Park, then pull out your phone and write a few sentences about the work you just completed. Email yourself the pictures and bit of written content. (10 minutes)
  • At the beginning of the following work day, open your email and add your pictures and description to your company’s social media accounts and submit your content to your Footbridge Media Account Manager for implementation on your website. (10 minutes)

Using the sample routine above, you’ve found a way to create completely unique content to benefit your website’s optimization and your social media feeds – and all in about 30 minutes per week.

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