May 10
Small Business getting lost again. Corporate Diversity training

How Do Small Businesses Attract Talent When The Corporations are Making It Their Priority?

We have a problem.  I went to an amazing seminar at Manhattanville College yesterday.  It was a deep dive into how corporations are addressing diversity and building workday cultures around training.  The training is centered around things like ‘taking the scare out of voicing your ideas as crazy as they may be’, ‘learning to acknowledge movements in the political realm that the younger generation feels is important that you take notice of’ to ‘teaching CEO’s that with power empathy still needs to be maintained’.

These were strong concepts which need formulated multi-step models in which to really make impacts.  This is what the large corporate human resource departments are doing.  Here’s the rub…

Where does small business fit into this learning?  Where are the programs that train the small business owner that is competing for talent?

The gap is getting larger between corporations like Con Ed, and Swiss Re that was among to speakers

I asked the speakers where I could find training – at even an ounce of this type of managerial training – to find no answer.

So, my advice to small businesses, seek out information in terms of what is today’s working environment models that attract talent … and let’s try closing this gap a little.

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