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lunch and learn facebook marketing - How do I facebook Market?

Lunch and Learn Events

 LUNCH AND LEARNS We have a project I'm working on and would like to present to you as one of my first lunch and learn candidates. We are developing a program for realtors in which we are debuting in, as I already mentioned, lunch and learns.  It is about the... read more →
Apr 23
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Apr 19
new facebook bloggers for your business

OK, I love to show off.

Ok, I love to show off. I admit it. So today, I am proud to announce that we've taken on two new winners to our inspiring teams. We welcome Carrie Boyd to our Google Adwords Certification Team and Mary Anne Gaitho to our riveting copywriting and blog team. They both... read more →
Apr 17
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Apr 16
Apr 12
Apr 12
facebook ad creation offer

How to make Facebook Ads work.

Read to the end for an offer you have to take us up on.  Facebook advertising works if done CORRECTLY. It is also competing and winning against Expensive Google advertising. Some will tell you that Facebook advertising is a get rich quick scheme, and you can do it yourself.  Don't... read more →
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Facebook Messenger Copy Writing

Why do you need a Messenger Marketing?

Attention Business Owners: Being an early adopter of this “new” marketing will give you a huge advantage over your competition… The early adopters of SEO were able to dominate the search engines and win massive search traffic. The early adopters of Facebook groups built huge followings. The early adopters of... read more →
Mar 20
Mar 15
Facebook Messenger Seminar

Finally, The “Shortcut” to Get Your Prospects to Instantly Know, Like and Trust You -So You Quickly Qualify and Close More Sales. Skeptics Welcome!

​Attention Business Owners: Being an early adopter of this “new” marketing will give you a huge advantage over your competition... The early adopters of SEO were able to dominate the search engines and win massive search traffic. The early adopters of Facebook groups built huge followings. The early adopters of... read more →
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Reporting from Digital Marketer Conference – FB Messenger and COMMUNITY buyers club marketing builds

We just got back from the San Diego Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion 3-day concentrated Seminar. There were AMAZING results being reported on very easy-to-install marketing elements. While Last year’s concept was ‘RELATIONSHIP’, this year, the overwhelming successful business NEW BRAND STRATEGY was ‘COMMUNITY’. Throughout the 3 days, we underwent... read more →
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Stand out!

Within a 24-48 hour period the same amount of Information/Content is being produced that was once used over a decade’s worth of traditional marketing

​ ​Amazing fact: Within a 24-48 hour period the same amount of Information/Content is being produced that was once used over a decade's worth of traditional marketing.  There are smart people producing amazing videos, inspiring white papers and give-give-give-away tips at record pace.   Wow, yeah.  I was blown away when... read more →
Oct 31
Scary halloween marketing

Is working until you drop a scary Halloween nightmare?

Is working until you drop a scary Halloween nightmare?  It is to me. Successful businesses know that it is no longer a direct mailer or a rushed-advertisement-creation-when-the-phone- stops ringing marketing environment. Think future.  Your accountant tells you to think 'Cash Flow'. Your marketing agency should be teaching you to think 'Cash Flow' and...... read more →
Oct 10

Important Way to Find Out What Your Customer Wants

How to Find Out What Your Customer Wants -  What every successful business works on non-stop. Why is it harder today to understand your customers? Unfortunately, customers are far less loyal today, because of a few factors.  Firstly, the economic uncertainty of today's environment weights in, as many lost in the... read more →
Oct 06
Oct 04

Why Personal Pages on LinkedIn Work Better.

As social media continues to become more entrenched in our everyday lives, new and established businesses are finding new ways of using it to market their goods and services.  But in their quest not to be left behind, have business people failed to consider whether it is really necessary to... read more →
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Marketing Humor – Definitions

Marketing Definitions   One buzz word in today's business world is "MARKETING".   However, people often ask for a simple explanation of what "Marketing" is. Well, here it is: You're a woman and you see a handsome guy at a party. You go up to him and say, "I'm fantastic... read more →
May 02

Where to change you birthdate in Facebook

Here is the spot to request a birthdate change in Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/233841356784195   It took me combing forums to find it.  I suggest you record it somewhere, or book mark our blog post.   We hope this blog helps you.
Mar 13
Best Marketing for Westchester bigger businesses. Advertising on Gamer sites to hit millenials

New Trend Report: Gaming sites are converting for advertisers.

We were just at a Digital Marketer Seminar/Show... So excited... Great understanding of some TRENDS: Advertising on Gamers platforms are the newest high performing advertising. Esport is the industry hitting record viewership. Here is a list of 10 sites to advertise: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/esports-news-gaming-websites/ Emoji's are converting like crazy. Do your newsletters with... read more →
Nov 09
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Sep 07
Sketch videos made for Westchester Small Businesses

Sketch Videos Rock SEO for Small Businesses!

According to data gathered by Video Brewery, about 50% of all people that viewed an online video went on to make a purchase. If that statistic doesn’t capture your attention, I don’t know what will. Gets leads from  SKETCH VIDEOS! Lead generating VIDEOS! Fun to pass. Great to watch. Gets business. $490/m... read more →
Aug 08

Yelp is playing Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go so important to our local business! I continue to write about the importance of making this game part of your marketing exposure. Yelp has! Look here. You can now mark if there is a Pokemon Go stop at your store... another reason to come over and see you!
Jul 21
Jul 20
Jun 30

Seo work done by us. Video

This is our Organic SEO Director, Kyle.  See some of the results here. https://vimeo.com/145439670     This program is a $950/m package for 1-year and 2-year contracts.  Set-up fee is $1500  This builds sustaining video and blogs that stay on the web and work for you forever. Email us at... read more →
Jun 14
Jun 10
May 16

Just short of the stars?…

Maybe you are the STARS and just didn't realize it. Not all of us can be what society deems 'The Truly Great'. But... what if we step back and realize that we too are the 'Truly Great' in our role relevant to theirs. There is a need for those that... read more →
Apr 07

Thought of the Day

Buying from someone who gives advise about the purchase, is good. Buying from someone who gives you advise on the questions you have regarding how you've come to need the purchase, is everything. Sometimes you don't reach this realization. Lifetime relationships have this common foundation. -Michel Gunn I hope this... read more →
Mar 18

Concentrate on the Long Game!

Between the Geopolitical environment to the scary $20/barrel oil prices, all investors from wall street have retracted in their shells and this is trickling down to small business — and their customers. Our customers read the papers, they get conservative thus delaying contract signing and hiring of our fine businesses.... read more →
Feb 23
Feb 23

Crowd Source Blogs Are Great

What is a Crowd Sourced blog or article? It is a piece written eliciting several experts in one field to answer a question about their industry to enlighten the customer.  This put a value on the responses, and if you are of same mind and agree with the popular one,... read more →
Feb 02
Jan 21

Reminder to add to contacts

Hi, just a reminder that you're receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in Gunn Multimedia Partners, Inc. Don't forget to add info@gunnmultimedia.com to your address book so we'll be sure to land in your inbox!
Sep 10
Sep 08

Why Business Owners Should Never Be Happy

Sending you this email as you are an eager learner in your business, so remember to put info@gunnmultimedia.com into your contacts in order to receive motivational and insightful marketing tips. Here's one from Mark Steven's blog, one of my favorite marketing gurus: Every successful company is a work in progress,... read more →
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Watch FACEBOOK is CHANGING its rules again.

Be aware!  Facebook is asking you to confirm that your business is open or closed. They are just keeping you on your toes. Watch for emails like this: ---------------------------------- facebook It looks like Gunn Multimedia Partners, Inc. may no longer be open. Please let us know if your Page should... read more →
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I want to share my sandbox.

You've spent years cultivating your list of resources as I have. I'd like to share a part of mine with a select few. As a small business which interacts with you, I want to help broaden your connections through a friendly and 'directly-of-interest-to-your-business' members-only blog. Gunn Multimedia Partners is a... read more →
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May your business exposure SPARK ! …

CRACKLE ! AND BOOM ! ....breaking new ground ... and inspiring the old.   Happy post July 4th!  As this holiday reminds us of our country's day of independence and breathes life into us as people , we can look upon our businesses with the same renewed interest.  It's summer and while... read more →
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Reminder. Blog today.

Let them get to know your company and be part of the process. Have you blogged today? A tip. A new law. A new grant. A new trend. A new color. A new medium your product comes in? A great funny story about a client? #1 - Target Your Content... read more →
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