Michel Gunn

CEO, Cat Person ...learning to love Dogs. Loves to play Tennis. Not afraid of competition.

I believe, and know, that captivating your audience is the key to starting, keeping and growing business.  Fresh use of technology, innovative and fun advertising, sales Read More….

Neil Cohen

Partner, Dog Person and Loves Camping

Neil is a strategy and positioning expert. With 35 years of marketing morphed into digital marketing, he is able to utilize great ideas with the tools he is given.  He well respected in the industry.

Kyle McMurry

Loves life and Kayaking. Certified Digital Marketer

Kyle has 33 years servicing Westchester County and growing the small businesses.  We are honored to have him on our team.  His expertise in the digital Read More….


Likes Traveling and Family Gatherings - Copy Writer

Maryanne Gaitho is a content manager with experience in online research, blog
management, copywriting, editing, online sales, marketing and SEO. She holds a degree in Sociology and writes on a  Read More…….

Raphael Landau

World Traveler and Music Lover - Webmaster & Web Developer

Raphael Landau is an experienced Webmaster & Web Developer. He studied computer science at the Jerusalem Engineering College in Israel and proceeded to work in a fast, startup Read More….

Phil Lakra

Gamer and loves friendly competition - Website Developer

Phil handles all the troubleshooting and redesign of many of our new client’s work.  Phil has years of experience in the technology sector and adds customizing to our website development.

Carrie Boyd

Her Texas Accent Charms Any Longhorn - Google Adwords Agent

Carrie is certified in all Google Adwords and Remarketing.  Having a great Google Agent on staff is important for all our clients.  She delivers results in precision tweaks to ensure at least 15% growth through the Google search engine.  We are lucky to have her.

Ralph Aviso

Plays the Guitar and Sax -Graphic Design Director

Ralph and the Team at Design Pickle has 15 years of experience and heads up our creative division.  They do all of our creative graphic work, such as Facebook advertising, website banner ads, print and brochure work.  Read more …

What we’re about

Gunn Multimedia Partners is a collection of independent thinkers who genuinely believe that with bravery comes prosperity. Insightful thinking, collaboration and inspiring concepts give businesses—and their brands—the unique opportunity to create profitable and fulfilling futures.

“I spent my life putting great people together because I needed to be inspired with amazing accomplishments”
– Michel Gunn, Founder and CEO