Getting Great Reviews

Reviews are a major part of your branding.  This is a traditional element that whether it was delivered person to person in sewing circles or watercooler talk, it has always been a powerful marketing tool.

In this day, reviewing has many avenues it takes.  The watercooler, the social media websites like Yelp, Facebook, Google Plus, etc, your own site, little known sites like white pages, patch, local, and your own neighborhood chamber of commerce.

How do you cover them all.  Well, you can buy a LocalSEO package which consolidates over 300 websites where your business could come up, or you concentrate on the highest Search Rated review sites.  These are Yelp, Google Plus,Facebook and LinkedIn.

As we said before,

Reviewers mostly come in the form of people wanting to complain.  Getting the happy customers to write a GREAT REVIEW, usually take 10 times the effort.  When you find the way to engage your customers, most are very happy to do it for you, even if you have to go to them, make an account and help them write it, then push send.

We get it done.

Our programs start at hourly rates, in blocks of 10 hours.

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