Google Adwords® varies in the level in which it works for clients.  It works better with more targeted advertisements.  We have CERTIFIED GOOGLE ADWORDS AGENTS in which have taken clients from other marketing agencies and performed by bring in better and bigger accounts according to the business’ goals.

We can get you your first $100 for free with Google Adwords®.


There is a one-time set-up cost,monthly management fee, and with Google’s cost per PPC cycle (monthly, or sometimes budget split bi-monthly).  It pays for itself over and over.  Ask any of our PPC clients.

When do I see results?

Start seeing results in the 2nd month of sign up.

To begin

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Consulting as part of your package

Most small businesses have spent so much time running the business, that they loss site of what they stand for.  There are customers that fit into the ‘lowest labor – highest profit’ category of your market share.  We bring you back to identifying this along with your mission statement.  The reason for coming back to the mission statement is to align the business again where the strengths lye.  Starbucks sells strong coffee.  Their mission is to provide high energy people an environment to be productive, along with a coffee enhancing that culture. So our positioning has put many Westchester County businesses back on track both emotionally and profitably.  This is on top of our website charges and is well worth the monthy charge.  More on consulting>

Visit our Gallery of work for a broaden understanding of what today’s website need to attract attention.  We also offer TIPS on our BLOG to help you grow your business through understanding the factors.


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