Most likely you are looking for a positioning statement to determine how to go forward and sell your business correctly.
‘Correctly’ means at the intersection of your niche and where profit is retrieved at the lowest amount of labor, therefore creating a natural flow to growth.
It is amazing the lightbulbs and the sparks of forwarding thinking that happens in a small amount of consulting time.  It is the ‘everything’ that provides companies to set themselves in a productive growth pattern.

Positioning, Mission Statement and Strategy Creation. Why do you need it?

Most small businesses have spent so much time running the business, that they lose sight of what they stand for.  There are customers that fit into the ‘lowest labor – highest profit’ category of your market share.  We bring you back to identifying this along with re-identifying your mission statement.  The reason for coming back to the mission statement is to align the business again where the strengths lie.  Starbucks sells strong coffee.  Their mission is to provide a culture and environment for which high-energy people can be productive. Our positioning and strategy work has put many Westchester County businesses —and owners— back on track both emotionally and economically.  Our programs run as blocks of hourly sessions.


Pricing – Consulting/Strategy Creation & Campaign Creation

Consulting is done on an hourly basis, based on project scope.

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Pricing – for Positioning Statement and Mission Statement Creation

Candidates are businesses and individuals seeking employment
This program is done over 2 sessions –  3-5 hours at a flat rate of $2000.
Session 1
Questionaire session/Analysis of your business model, focus, sweet spots, and goals
1-2.5 hours
Specifics of this portion: You will get some takeaways for you to ponder and come back with where you feel the value lies. But mostly it is the gathering of the information portion of the consulting.

Session 2
The Mission Statement is solidified. Actual Positioning Statement is created.
Postition statement in most cases serves as your go-to for ‘sales-pitch’ defining your business
Copy (lines of the sales pitch) in which to best support these is given and suggestions for other ancillary services

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