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Remarketing is with Google.

Retargeting is with Facebook.

We do both.


Google Remarketing

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is an advertising method introduced by Google that allows you to serve tailored advertisements to people who have visited your site. This method gives your prospects another chance to buy a product they have shown some interest in – even after leaving your website. Google AdWords Remarketing has been likened to an email marketing list because in essence, they both target warm traffic, as opposed to cold traffic. In list marketing, the marketer sends emails to people who have shown interest by subscribing to the mailing list. In Remarketing, advertisements are displayed to an “audience” that has displayed interest by visiting your website.

How Big is the Google Display Network?
The Google Display Network (GDN) is the world’s largest display advertising network, which includes Google properties such as YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and 2 million other websites like USA Today and New York Times.

“[the] ad was unconsciously processed and did influence attitudes toward the brand… that even if a user does not consciously notice a banner ad, the user’s attitude toward the brand is influenced.” — International Journal of Electronic Commerce